Thursday, January 12, 2012

You Get the Picture!

With the rush of the Holidays, the crashing of my computer and the first aid of putting it all back together again I've been away from my drawing board for way too long! 

One of the gifts I received to start the new year off with high hopes and excitement is a children's book agent, Chris Tugeau. She's clearly a gift... I would venture to say one of the tops in her field. Talented, warm, experienced, and a real go getter. But I had to earn her interest, and unbeknownst to me she took notice of all the work I've been doing lately and approached me with "Let's give this a try." 

The first thing I had to do was put together a portfolio for her website . Next came designing a flyer for her to distribute to clients as an introduction to my work. She asked that I include something showing kids in the middle school age range with a story in mind. So, I took one of the sketches from an Illustration Friday piece (with the Boundaries theme), and put it to work. See below. Next, a 2nd drawing to coincide with the theme. Stay tuned.