Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I have an Illustration website where I showcase my portfolio of everything but the kitchen sink: children's wall art, greeting cards, children's picture book art, art for grownups, logos ... yada yada yada. Work I've done through the years. And I sell wall art online from my Etsy Shop site that began with nothing but art prints for children. Little by little I've added humorous wall art for big people (a small child's term for adults... and yes, I'm around little kids a LOT), and I think I've finally — after all these years at the drawing board, found my niche - CuStomIzing. Love it!! Love creating a character to resemble a photo, love figuring out how to turn that character into a story, and most of all a funny story that causes the REAL person-character to light up.... then crack up. 

Here are some examples that I just posted on Etsy to promote my dental office piece, Open Wider Please — and the photos that I worked from.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Will the REAL Jane Smith Please Stand Up... THE ART OF PERSONALIZING.

More and more, one of my specialties has become creating customized illustrations of people in a situation typical to them. It's not only fun for the one receiving it, but a very humorous challenge for me to get the best reaction possible! 

Here's the latest - and believe me, my customer and I had a GREAT time with the details!! I relish putting in as many personalized props as I can, going to the extent of having photos emailed to me for reference. This customer went so far as to get ahold of her mother's purse, and swiftly taking pics of some of its contents with her smart phone. Her mother couldn't stop shrieking with surprised delight each time she spotted a familiar detail.

So, here's the finished art, followed by some bits and pieces leading up to it, and ending with a photo of the leading lady. 

My only available "model" posing.
Near-final sketch- before accessory changes were made.