Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I've been back to working on the big canvas this last week for the first time in a month.  Music playing, natural light coming in all around me, the smell of brightly colored paints, my soul right there inside that canvas. Left side of canvas coming right along, minus background and fine tuning - working my way towards the canvas center. I'm enjoying working with acrylics a LOT - this may just be my new favorite medium! Thinking of using PUFF paint for the ice cream cone.

A long way to go!

FROM PAINT TO PRODUCT.... once again!

It's been awhile since I've blogged. I had another split in my business priorities right in the middle of painting the big canvas, so the creative roll I was on came to an abrupt halt. I was invited to participate in the Pre-Oscar Celebrity Boom Boom Room gift bag event (by a fantastic local baby photographer, Julie Rollins) with my Stay-dry Bath Apron & Towel, and Just... "in case" Emergency I.D. baby products. . . a great opportunity for exposure! Kind of exciting to think that a celebrity might be using my own babies of invention with their babies. 200 of the products had to be in pretty package mode, and being the perfectionist freak that I am it wasn't an easy task - a FULL day of decision making at JoAnn's and Michaels picking out ties, tulle, crystals, and beads, more time printing out gift tags & insert cards that I designed - and then assembling everything. Oh..... and of course, one thing always leads to another -- fine-tuning my websites at http://www.weefive.com for order taking. A MAJOR task in itself! Thank goodness for good friends and family who took much of the assembly line work load off!

The Stay-dry Bath Apron & Towel and Just..."in case" Emergency I.D. lookin' purty!