Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FROM PAINT TO PRODUCT.... once again!

It's been awhile since I've blogged. I had another split in my business priorities right in the middle of painting the big canvas, so the creative roll I was on came to an abrupt halt. I was invited to participate in the Pre-Oscar Celebrity Boom Boom Room gift bag event (by a fantastic local baby photographer, Julie Rollins) with my Stay-dry Bath Apron & Towel, and Just... "in case" Emergency I.D. baby products. . . a great opportunity for exposure! Kind of exciting to think that a celebrity might be using my own babies of invention with their babies. 200 of the products had to be in pretty package mode, and being the perfectionist freak that I am it wasn't an easy task - a FULL day of decision making at JoAnn's and Michaels picking out ties, tulle, crystals, and beads, more time printing out gift tags & insert cards that I designed - and then assembling everything. Oh..... and of course, one thing always leads to another -- fine-tuning my websites at http://www.weefive.com for order taking. A MAJOR task in itself! Thank goodness for good friends and family who took much of the assembly line work load off!

The Stay-dry Bath Apron & Towel and Just..."in case" Emergency I.D. lookin' purty!
Julie Rollins Photography; Susan Drawbaugh; Bath Apron; Baby Towels

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Sharon said...

so cute...happy for your great opportunity. Check out my daughter's site, juliethefish designs. I think you will enjoy some of her unique items. I love her work. Hope your day is wonderful...always love to see a post from you.