Monday, April 11, 2011

Progress on the Painting

I've been working on the painting here and there, inbetween a job assignment, but this weekend I gave it my full attention from early morning until dusk. I love working on this so much that it's hard to do anything else --- except I have learned that it's very important to take breaks every so often during the day just to clear my mind. That actually takes discipline for me. 

I was gone all last week, and met a beautiful African American girl who was a nurse's aid for my good friend that I was staying with. Her skin was such a gorgeous color that I tried to remember it while doing the little girl in my painting. My first attempt at this character was ok, but it just didn't do it for me, so I repainted her and changed the face. One good thing about acrylics is, if done soon enough, it can be scraped off the canvas pretty easily leaving a clean place to repaint.

So, here it is .... characters almost completed. I can't wait to paint the high heels of the girl pushing the doll carriage! I have fashion plans for that one :o).

Enjoy! And if you have any thoughts on this I'd love to hear your comments!


Anne said...

Suzie, you are so talented, and from all that you do a heart bigger then light. Love you, hope to see you again when I come to California, something I have not done for awhile. Love to you and family always. Anne

Carol said...

Susie, you are incredibly talented!! I had no idea you were this good!! I wish I lived closer so you could do this kind of work for me. I know so many people who would love for you to paint for them.
Please keep me posted on what your latest work is........would enjoy seeing more of it.