Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The other afternoon, as I walked into the home of My Three Grandsons, I was handed a stack of paper by my 8 year old, Jace - before I could put my purse down. 

"I wrote a story in class today, Mammy. Look!" Here's a boy who adamantly tells everyone that he HATES to write!

I read it. "It's brilliant!" I told him with pure sincerity and excitement .... "BRILLIANT!!" I repeated. He might as well have written a Pulitzer Prize winner.

I know one thing, I'll never think of the sun and the moon in the same way. 



Kathryn Colby said...

Who is this author???? Id like to hire him for my next project! He's BRILLIANT!

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest story I have EVER heard!!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Yes! Brilliant :) The sun and the moon--starring in a shining story! Bravo!