Friday, June 14, 2013


Just when I'm in the middle of putting on a new hat — as my brain makes a hard left turn away from Creativity Blvd, a new project comes up and I find myself making a U turn to get back into the right-hand lane! Simply put... I'm going from making calls marketing my case Emergency I.D. product, to illustrating a children's picture book. Two very different hats! Sort of like comparing a solid black helmet to a wildly colorful headdress with feathers and rhinestones! Being the salesman that I'm NOT, I prefer the latter. So, when I was contacted by the author of this book, with questions and details of her project, that heavy helmet started slowly sliding over, making room for the feathery new one.

The book practically speaks to me with a Southern accent, since the manuscript is targeted to parents of little boys living in the South. The author is a dream client - almost too good to be true, which makes the drive I'm on more of a joy ride than being in a traffic jam on the Brooklyn Bridge. We'll see how it goes.  Stay tuned.

And so it begins ...

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