Friday, December 6, 2013


Day 6 out of 30 HoHoDooDa sketch-a-day event.

I'm klnd of into doing a play on words using Christmas song titles, so while thinking of possibilities this came to mind. It actually happened to me as I was feeding one of my grand babies! My back was to the decorated Christmas tree behind me when I noticed baby Caiden's eyes getting bigger and bigger as he looked past me, spoon entering his little mouth. I turned around and there was the tree in the midst of its great fall. No cat involved, but why not put one in?.... after all,  I'm my own boss here in this sketchy business! ;o) 

Oh Christmas tree ...... OHHHHHH, CHRISTMAS TREE!!


Michelle Henninger said...

Oh yeah. Been there, done that. Knocking over the Christmas tree, that is. My brother and I were playing hide and seek ... the big crash of the tree on the coffee table gave away the hiding place pretty easily. 0_o

kellz4 said...

we have a kitten who is discovering her first Christmas this year.. Ohhhh how she loves bright shiny things!!!!!!!!

We have put bells on the tree just so we can hear if she is venturing too far up!!

Love the drawing!!


Love your stories! It's a real shock to see a Christmas tree topple!!