Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Job Interview

Yesterday I was hired for a job. Pay: $0.00. Benefits: Zero. Hours: More hours than I'll be sleeping. Job Title: "Know-It-All-Mom." Job Description: Covering a 30"x40" bare canvas with color, design, and WHIMSY.

Let me back up. Several weeks ago, when my daughter was with child and Googling every website in search of nursery decor, I received an email from her bubbling with enthusiasm. She'd found THE PERFECT picture that she'd been looking and looking for to go on the wall above her baby's crib. Mind you, I always anticipated being the one doing the picture above my grandchild's crib ---- BUT what could I say?!! I couldn't be intrusive - or worse yet, make her feel OBLIGATED! I listened to her as if I couldn't draw a straight line as she went on and on: "Mom, it is ADORABLE!!! I HAVE to have it .... even though it's not in our budget, it's worth every penny! This artist is fantastic -  I can't wait until it arrives!!!"

It arrived. . . and, sure enough there it was... hanging on the wall above my grandchild's crib. I looked and looked at it. "REALLY??!" I thought. "THIS is what she jumped hoops over for?!!" Now the critical artist in me took over, and I couldn't help myself as I pointed out every poorly placed brush stroke and clashing color on this mediocre sized canvas. She finally admitted that she was a bit disappointed when she saw it. Then the competitive artist in me stepped up to the plate as I exclaimed "I could do SUCH a better job!" adding, as I slid to second base, "As a matter of fact, how about I do a picture for you - MUCH bigger, and you can see it as I go?" She agreed -but I'll be honest, I had to sell her on it. The next morning I exited Aaron Bros. with all the tools I'd need: brushes, paint, huge canvas, mixing palette, giant tracing pad, Matte Mod Podge, Glossy Mod Podge .... and sweaty palms. Can I live up to all this???

I did my first character drawing for it this morning, and showed it to my boss. "So, Katy, what do you think?" "It's ADORABLE!!!" she said. Whew! I passed the first inspection. I have a feeling this boss is going to be a tough one. This painting had better be GOOD!!

Stay tuned and wish me luck. I just might put up sketches as I go along. If you don't like them be kind. I'll be walking a fine line with this one. ;o)

P.S. I am soooo excited to get started!


Annakay said...

I know you can do this Susie!!! And remind Katie that it's really for the baby and babies enjoy things on an entirely different level than adults do. Good for you for jumping in and doing this. Keep us posted with the progress.

Derek said...

I'm sure it will be great - like your boat painting, just without the band-aid.

Jeana Viramontes said...

I must say, I am thrilled you are replacing that mess of a canvas that was going over my little niece's bed!