Tuesday, September 7, 2010

LEFT - RIGHT- LEFT - RIGHT ... The March of Indecision

Lately I've been waking up extra tired — not from lack of sleep, but from quality of sleep. You know, those dreams where nothing works?! You try to make a phone call and the phone keeps going dead — or you're in a huge hurry to get home and you can't find your neighborhood as you frantically circle around and around? It's no wonder I'd wake up exhausted! It's also no wonder I was having those dreams. I've had a major decision to make, and my brain's left and right sides were wrestling for my attention.

I have two businesses — one creating whimsical pictures for the commercial market, and the other, marketing and promoting products that my daughter Jeana and I have invented,  Two different types of businesses, but both vying for the spotlight and a huge chunk of my time. Some people are great at multitasking. I'm not. So, for the past year I've put my energy wholeheartedly into that right side - doing illustration work, recreating my website, gliding along in a nice flow of direction with a business plan in mind. Then along came baby.... grandbaby, I should say, and in stepped those left brain cells, tapping for more attention and distracting me from all that great creative focus!

My younger daughter, Katy, was the driving force. Being in new-mommy mode she's been struggling with all the questions that come with the territory: How do I get my newborn to sleep for more than 8 minutes at a time? Should I let her cry it out? What are the very best baby products in terms of safety and convenience? She's been Barbara Walters on the loose — asking questions of anyone that answers to "Mom"! And I've been observing her as she's been handling those struggles of inexperience.

How does this have anything to do with this writing? I watched Katy as she used one of our products, the Stay-dry Bath Apron & Towel, and I witnessed with fresh eyes exactly why I'd interrupted my illustration career those few years ago to help design and market this product. Here was my daughter, wearing the Stay-dry Bath Apron that I'd given her with my tiny granddaughter wrapped cozily inside. I watched as she effortlessly transferred Delaney (aka:Laney-loo) from this warm wrap into the bath water - and back into her arms again with the ease that it was designed for. It all ran so smoothly. I looked at Katy and proclaimed,"All new moms should have one of these!" She strongly agreed. It was originally designed to keep mom from getting soaked - which of course it does, but what really stood out in both my daughter's and my mind at this time was its safety feature. Because it's hands-free there's little possibility of losing one's grip with slippery, flailing baby at lift-out time. Normally, without the bath apron, it's a struggle to get baby covered. A loose towel is tucked under mom's chin or over her shoulder, and it's awkward, to say the least, to get everything going at the same time! The baby starts crying from the chill while mom nervously fumbles around to get her covered. An accident waiting to happen.

So, here I was, passionately wanting to get the word out once again about this must- have baby product, yet on a roll with my illustration work. Knowing I couldn't do both, I tossed and turned for an answer. (Enter, the first paragraph to this blog.) Voila! After a good amount of research, the answer came to me.

Which side won? Stay tuned — be watching for news this fall :o). Until then, the Stay-dry is available in a variety of online stores: Target.com, Amazon.com, BedBathandBeyond.com, and BuyBuyBaby.com (also in their stores) to name a few. To see a video of the original white Stay-dry in use click here. (New colors have since been added: citrus green, pink, and soft blue.)

Now — back to the right side. Ahhhh.... it's so nice to have a good night's sleep for a change!

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