Sunday, September 4, 2011


This weeks' word on ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY is MYSTERY. 
I figure what's more curious than a cat?! - and since they have 9 lives one would make a perfect main character for a mystery scene. Nine chances to solve the mystery until BANG!!.... it's over.


Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Really cute! I like your blog! :)

Mike Hoffman said...

Mystery Becomes My Story

A mystery to solve
Change the “e” to an “o”
Here is “my story”
Shall we give it a go?


My friend is the dog
Sitting out on a limb.
In the tree is a cat
Making big eyes at him!

The dog is bewildered
The cat doesn’t care
If only that dog
Would take flight in the air

Our dog takes a look
At the ground far below
He’s up pretty high
It’s a long way to go

The cat gives a “hiss”
And the dog’s feet give way
He flies through the air
And commences to pray

The ground comes up fast
As he grabs for the trunk
He reaches the tree
And he lands with a “clunk.”

When you take a close look
He’s now one with the tree
The cat up above
Is ecstatic with glee!

Now here is the mystery
Don’t look so forlorn
For you have just learned
How the “Dogwood” was born!