Monday, September 19, 2011

A Little Glitter to Make the Wall Art POP!

It's not easy to see the glitter on this small photo, 
but hopefully you get the picture.
 Click on the image to zoom in more.

Once I finished my grandbaby Laney's painting, Say, Say My Playmate, I strategically added glitter here and there to it. WOW!! What a difference it made! To avoid it looking tacky, I was careful not to overdue it, so I just filled in a few select apples, part of the buggy wheels, and a spot on some of the characters' shoes or hair decor. It doesn't show up in this photo nearly as dramatically as it looks in person, but take my word for it it's eye-catching, and sparkles even with just a tidbit of light on in the room.


Violet said...

Everything you do makes the world are so talented...I can't wait for a Susan Drawbaugh original for my grandbaby's room.

The picture is so are one amazing lady and even a better friend.

Love you Lily!!!

Jeana said...

I have seen this beautiful pic in person and the glitter is FANTASTIC!!!! Our little Laney Loo will surely be mesmerized by all those sparkles and colors!!!!!!

Christie said...

Your work is awesome!!!!! What brand of acyrlic paints do you use?