Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Every year around January good friends of ours join the Snow Birds in Palm Springs for around 3 months, leaving their home in Michigan to the real snow birds .... ie, Blue Jays, Robins, Bald Eagles (thank you, Google). This is not only great for them, but for their California buddies, as well ..... namely, my husband and me. For three days and nights we are fed, entertained, bedded ---- let's just say we're basically spoiled to the core by these people. And I am NOT stretching the truth when I say that the wife, who is a stupendous cook, has 10 star restaurant quality food for EVERY meal - including snacks!! How does one show gratitude to such generosity? With a thank you card? .... not enough. With flowers?... not enough. With a free trip to a 5 star spa? ... too much. Soooo.... a light bulb went off. I'll make them a picture. She says she loves my work....... we'll see! ;o) 

Instead of waiting to put up the finished piece I decided to show it in stages. Here's the 2nd stage (you wouldn't like the first).

                                    The rather rough sketch.

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Kathryn Colby said...

she's gonna love it!!! SO cute.