Saturday, May 24, 2014


My younger daughter has very definite ideas about what she puts on the walls of her kids' room, and I love her choices. When I sent her the Princess of Coloring picture I'd first drawn (top pic) she came back to me with "I like your cartoon illustration style more. This looks too real or portrait like. I prefer no shading or much detail, but that's just my opinion." 

I get that, and agreed that it is a bit stiff. But.... different strokes for diff' folks - I know. Anyway, I decided to give a more whimsical style a try, and the one at the bottom is what I came up with. The coloring is just a practice run using Photoshop - not the final. (Apparently the hair style on this one is the trend for 3 year olds today.) 

I'm not sure which to put up on my Etsy shop. Maybe both? Your input please!

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