Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Brand New Inspiration

On Friday, July 9th, I saw Creativity at its peak! My younger daughter, Katy, gave birth to her first child and our first granddaughter, Delaney East Harris - Laney for short. Coincidentally, Laney is the name I'd planned to give my Katy when I was pregnant those many years ago, but husbands do have their say! The East part of the name is especially meaningful to me. It was my precious great grandfather's last name, my mother's middle name, and handed down to me as my middle name. It was also part of the signature I'd written at the bottom of all my masterpiece pictures for so many years before going commercial: SusanEast. Not having had a lot of time to do my own creating this past week, I did get to sit down and draw one very special piece. Katy has an adorable 7 year old stepdaughter, also named Katie - who's been an only child until now. I'd made a picture for her bedroom of her jump roping after she and I first met. She appreciated it so much that I decided to make a special Big Sister t-shirt for her to wear during that first introduction to her new little sis'. Katie already has her own dress-style - SPARKLES wherever she can wear them - so, for both pictures, I went to town gluing on rhinestones and pearls! Friday afternoon, when she first walked into the hospital room beaming with excitement, I presented her with the shirt. I'm not sure what sparkled more - the rhinestones or her beautiful smile! It's definitely times like these that being an artist feels most gratifying!


adamparsons said...

Congratulations. :) What a wonderful creation!

Linda said...

Susie, congratulations on your new granddaughter! And the shirt you gave Laney must have been adorable. What a great idea!

Annakay said...

You are amazing, Susie. Thanks for sharing these adorable photos and your incredible art creations. I'm so glad to be a part of your family!